"Yerevan Thermal Power Plant" CJSC (hereinafter as "Yerevan TPC" CJSC or Company) was established by RA Government N 538 Decision, November 27, 1997 by the Order No. 192-GM, December 9, 1997 of RA Minister of Energy as a state closed joint-stock company by the reorganization of state enterprise "Yerevan Thermal Power Centre" (01A-004948 registered 28.05.1997) is the legal successor of the latter.

The current management of the company is carried out by the Director-General the sole executive body. There is an established board within the company that implements the management of the Company. The company's shares management authorization is reserved to the Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures of RA. Within the framework of the production license provided by the Public Services Regulatory Commission of the Republic of Armenia, the company produces electric and thermal energy and sells and exports it in the wholesale market in accordance with the rules of the market.

YCCPP was built in 2010 in accordance with the feasibility study. The combined cycle power unit is built with modern technology and compared to existing power plants, it has a low rate of specific fuel costs for the release of electric and thermal energy, the Coefficient of the Useful Action is high, low emissions for the environment for unit production.

The following are located in YCCPP:

  • • One gas turbine installation, GT 13 E2 MXL type 2, with 165 MW installation capacity
  • • One steam turbine installation from Fuji company, with 63.6 MW electric installation capacity and 434.9 GJ/h heat energy delivery
  • • One heat recovery boiler produced by Nooter Ericsen / SEC.


Natural gas is used as fuel in YCCPP



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